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Feeding my sheep started in the spring of 2013. Reva Fields started working on getting the 501(c)(3) status at that time. After many hours of work and weeks of speaking to the IRS agent, the approval letter came through on 8/29/2013. All expenses for incorporation and the bank account were paid by SALT (Sisters Acts of Loving Talents). You are the salt of the earth. Matthew 5:13.This tribute goes to our parents, Joseph W. and Frankie Mae Street, with the following poem. 



Your life was full of loving deeds

Forever thoughtful of friend's needs. 

When we are blue and missing you

We’ll treasure our friends we knew. 

We will bury our sorrows

For all of our tomorrows. 

You planted the loving seeds

SALT will do your good deeds. 


Feeding my sheep bears the initials of my late mother, Frankie Mae Street. She died in 2009 of cancer, and I named it in her memory.  She was the most giving person and Proverb 31:20 describes my mother well. I had that verse inscribed on the new truck that we bought in 2019. My dad died in 2013 at the age of 91. My sister, Lois who is so much like our mother gave us the donation of $20,000 that bought the property in 2015. The buying of the property set great things in motion for FMS. After two years of savings, we were able to start the renovations. The property only had an old second-hand warehouse, old broken down house, 2 out buildings and 2 trailers on it. In April, 2017 we started improving the property by tearing down old warehouse and installing a brand new warehouse. Jerry Fields was the project manager overseeing all the major improvements. In 2018, we doubled the size of the warehouse and put up shelves for storage. We were able to get rid of the two old storage trailers after this major improvement. Also In 2018, we installed a walk in freezer and cooler and bought a forklift with another grant that I applied for and was fortunate to receive. In 2019, we were able to complete our new offices with a small kitchen on the end of warehouse. At that time we tore down the  old house and got rid of both of our out buildings. In 2020, we were able to trade houses with the neighbors and we tore down their old house for parking space. In 2021, we were fortunate to pave the property and put up a marquee to show the dates and times of our giveaway. We have been very blessed at Feeding My Sheep in receiving funds and having diversified volunteers who have different talents to make all of this happen over a few short years.


With funds we hope to continue giving away boxes of food to food insecure families for years to come. 


Reva Fields, President/Director

Paul Hayes, Vice President 

Peggy Coleman, Interim secretary/Treasurer

Russell Baldwin

Iris Hayes

Curtis Mullins

Hearl Shortridge

David White

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